Google developer account has been terminated

my google developer account has been terminated…what should i do now ??

If your account terminated due to Prior violation then 0.01% chances of recovery

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A terminated developer console account can not be recovered ever again.

From their helpdesk :

When your developer account is terminated, all apps in your catalog will be removed from Google Play and you will no longer be able to publish new apps. This also means that any related Google Play developer accounts will also be permanently suspended.

What reason did they give for terminating your account? If there has been a misunderstanding then there may be a possibility of getting your account back.

if you have 3 apps suspended by Google Playstore then think about to buy another play console.

Its the solution. :white_check_mark:

You could post their response, what you’ve uploaded or if there was any warning just so others could refrain from such patterns/actions.