My Google Play Rejected

My Google Play Developer account Terminated Due To Multiple Violations
1.Iam Only One app Upload
2.My APP contains web views 65 links app suspend ,account terminated why ?
plz answer me any one please help
my 2 play console accounts terminated iam loss $50

You are not on Google Forums here !
Ask that to google !


what your app included?

You are not supposed to make another account once one gets terminated.


my app included web views mostly 65 web links

Well you got a message from Google why they did that.

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yes 2 accounts terminated Iam Only 2 app upload 2 accounts
web views google play accepted or not ??

what do next???

As per google policy you cant not put affilite links in your app, if you want to do that use landing page and then from there take your user to affilite product. I am sure either you put affiliate inks or show someone else website on web view.

If none of the reasons then fill a form and submit on google. Bst of luck

Thank You But Iam fill appeal but not active
may 65 web links in my app no affiliate marketing links only governament websites indian government

I mean you then you might had used web view component to show the websites to your users. That is voilation of google policy. You can only show your own website in web view.

Thank You For Your Rply
So Many Apps That Types Of APPS Live In PLay store ?? How ???

Dont’ worry about that. All app’s developers once get violated the Google Play Privacy, will receive the same info that you had received. That’s all

Thank you
But that type of apps live in play store thats why it is possible ?
tell me clear reason that first

Yes i had voilated the google privacy policy by mistake when i don’t know anything about this and my apps suspended and account temporarily dissabled i mean i can open play store but can’t publish any new app. The mistake i did was to use a picture in my wallpaper app which is some short of in grey area considring bold and adult. Because the pic contain a girl with banana in her hand. I really have to justify my approach and delete the picture to get my app and account back. Google never tell which app voilated their pollicy and jjust hammer us, its our job to find the problem and convience them some how.

thank you for your rply

Because you hav 2 console a/c, which is against google policies. Now don’t try to create another console ac with your another gmail ac+same lapy or cmptr+same ip add. Because if you will, your ac terminated again.

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I think this is a appropriate answer given by @goollatk

No,one person can create two console account with different gmail id same laptop is not against google policy .But be remember if your first console account suspended then u cant create second one. And i confirm this with google play employee.

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May be you are true, but its my personal exprience, which i was shared.

I think creating another user in windows is safe for creating another account.
Google cant track it