Google Play - App Rejected

Your app violates the terms as stated in the email. You’ll have to fix it yourself.


Sir please tell me what is the problem by watching my app…

You made your app. You know what you put in it and what kind of app it is. Read the mail and correct it.

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Read the Policy, nobody have time to onstall your apk or AIA and look what your app do.
You have to read the Policy and then change the app. If you upload your app once again and you will rejected again they will delete your developer account, It was the same by mie. Be careful with uploading your app again. If you are deleted, you are deleted.


We are all Lazy too but we cant say to other ppl make my work.

Get Followers :thinking:
This is the name of your application. I think that name can explain why your app was rejected.

Sir Name Revenge is also the (follower plus)…

I think this app is made to give followers to social accounts. That’s why Google hasn’t published your app. It is forbidden according to Google.

If my application gets rejected 3 times then my console account will be closed ???

So far my app(s) has never been rejected and I have not lost my account. So I don’t know. But be careful.
Read more about app rejections;

Ok sir …:pensive::pensive:

You can read more information from this link I just added.

Have you used affiliate links or link to google competitor site such as amazon? If yes just create a funnel where you take your user to landing page and from there you can take them to any link that you want.

No you can have app rejection as many times as you want but if its suspension then its risk after 3 suspension as google can ban your account any time without warning. So don’t get suspension and if you get just appeal and get things shorted out.

No Sir, I have not used amozon affiliated links
But i have use paytm pay link…

Any type of payment or affiliate service which is competitor of google is not allowed as per their rule they always reject your app for that reason. So you take them to a landing page created on blogspot which you can redirect automaticly to your required webpage or link. I hope that will help. But try to use it without auto redirect because its a grey hat strategy. Stay on the safe side. Have a good day

it is not allowed to use affiliate links for products or other things like this. and its not allowed to use web viewer for other homepages what are not yours. Mean, it is not allowed to show another homepage without a lizenz. You can make your own homepage and on your homepage are the links to other homepages or so but not use direct another pages if you have no lizenz to do that.