Google play rejected my app

i waste my time to make app with makeroid when i upload my app they reject it …

Are you using any APIs?

APIs ?? means

Application Programming Interfaces. Are you using anything with YouTube? How many FirebaseDBs do you have?


i know means of API but i didnt get that what did you mean … no am not using any firebase else am just using webview for my website and push notification

Hmmm :thinking:

Clearly you broke the terms of the agreement. Your app violates the rules.

Is your site by all means selling things?

so how i’ll resolve it

Google does not reject your app without reasons.
Do what they told you in the mail and ask the support from google.
We from makeroid can nothing do since it is a thing between you and Google.


yup my site is selling website

THATS WHY… If you read.


but how can i resolve it … because there is a lot of apps they have selling website but they are available at playstore

Depends on how you violated the terms. We can’t help you.

Don’t put an app up that advertises your site… That includes selling as then there is no point for it being a website, if you catch my drift.


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Not all selling apps are against the terms. Amazon, Flipkart, OLX, QuickR… He broke the terms in some other way.

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if i access url through firebase will it resolve ??

Hahahaha no.

Make yourself more clear in your questions, we don’t understand.