About Publishing App In Playstore

hey, i want ask from developers that after using the youtube player in makeroid app we will be able to piblish our app in playstore or not…
if not then we have any path to publish our app which contain youtube videos

I think there should be no problem…

But don‘t forget the copyright and link only your own videos… And read the Terms and Conditions of Google…

I guarantee nothing

I guess it will be have no problem because peoples also create youtube channel apps of others channel like BB ki vines and more so without any worry you can but always asking the content owner is the best.
Wish you happy deve

If your app follow the youtube api you will have no problems.
For example, videos can’t play on background or play with the screen off.

it will be published if have no ads in your app
if it have ads and you wanna to publish then u have to use some tricks to get it published

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Yeah this is main one can’t add our ads

Hello Techy_Rakshak! Which trick can someone use to get such app get published?

You jist need to do is that when Google reviews your app they must not see the youtube videos in App.

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Look Google don’t pay attention to apps who skip through their eyes some years ago so don’t say that there is another app out there who violates the policy. Google is like that father who don’t always there to watch you but when he do he want you to be by his rule. And you cannot monetize on YouTube videos created by some one else or have double monetisation, like you have ads on youtube and app simalrly you cannot show your own or others website with ads on them with additional ads on your app. I mean no adsense and admob together. I hope you get my point. have a good day!

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Thanks Techy_Rakshak I have now undestood well what to do?

You mean i can make a trick when a youtube video wants to play I then make the screen close and it opens on the youtube App?

am I correct with that?:point_up::point_up::point_up::point_up:

Yes thats how it should be because if its not native then google don’t care for such small voilation but don’t do such thing for major violation. Best of luck!

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Hello AMIT_Raj https://community.makeroid.io/t/about-publishing-app-in-playstore/9728/11?u=doxael_apps

How a bout facebook and other websites can I play the videos within the app?

Well There is mention of google mobile ads and adsense in their policies but not facebook ads or other ads so you can add some ads with a trick that they apear every fourth or fifth times the user open the app. something like that google won’t have any problem with.