Is it legal to do this?

I wanted to create an app which will display YouTube videos, but would i have to take permission from that youtuber who had published the video?

Use YouTube Player in Kodular Then it will Be legal

Donot Download And Play It then it will illegal


You can use YouTube player to play any YouTube videos and also you can’t monetize that screen where YouTube player is used that means you can’t show any ads on that screen.


so if i hide youtube player then can i show ads?

No you can’t.

No matter it is visible or hidden you can’t monetize that screen, because the contents doesn’t belongs to you.

Simply, you can use a separate screen for YouTube player and don’t show any ads on that screen and for other screens you can.

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i have used many arrangements to show, like my app not only shows youtube videos, but also guides like kodular has seperate category for guides so i will only show ads when the user sees the guides, so will it be okay?

I don’t think it will be okay.

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so i will show other categories in one screen and youtube videos in second screen, and only monetise the screen which contains other categories so now will it be ok?

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Can i not even monetize the app if i display videos only from my youtube channel?

If your app is based on only YouTube videos then you can’t monetize it.

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