Something , NOT related to programming

please I have created a new app but I didn’t publish it on the play store yet, I just want to know if I use youtube videos that do not belong to me but I use it just for the view from the real channel not for download or anything like that just for the view is it legal or not?

something else please,
if I want to use a link that allows my app to go to any product purchase page that is not mine, it is from any shopping site like (Amazon) is this legal or not??
thank you

To be safe, I would try to contact the YouTuber who owns those videos and see if they permit you to use them. Make a written record of it.

If the content does not belong to you it is always best to get permission from the owner or creator that you are allowed to use it. Google may ask you for this and if you can’t provide it your account may be permanently banned.

Also, Kodular may not allow monetisation unless you can prove it either.

ok, thank you