Can I use Youtube Thumbnail in our App?

Hello Kodular Community,
My Self Ritik Verma from India. I build an app using Activity Stater and want to use youtube thumbnails. SO I ONLY WANT TO KNOW THAT CAN WE USE YouTube Thumbnail in our App.
Is there any problem with COPYRIGHT issue.

If you want to use the thumbnail of other youtuber’s channel then you have to take his permission.

If that channel belongs to you then you have no need to take any permissions.


@aravind_chowdary_in is 100% correct. If you are using the image or likeness of another persons intellectual property for economic gain (make money, even a small bit) then you need a license. A license can be as simple as the person saying OK, or it can be more complex.

Don’t use other peoples stuff without their permission.


#Aravind My friend I saw many app who play YouTube videos from many different YouTube channel. I am sending you the developer name check there app and reply me you suggestions.

pub:Ultimate Video Apps Studio

Yes, may be another publisher is using another channel content.

He may have contacted the channel admin or he may not. (If not he must face problems in future)

But Using others work in your work to earn money is not ethical.

It may suspend your app and account. Don’t do that ! (I suggest)

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I think that They use Youtube API.