Youtube embedded API & monetization

What if I use YouTube embed API in an app which contains videos from a lot of channels and monetizes it with Google AdSense or other platform ads & shares the revenue with YouTubers according to ads server on their video? Do YouTube make any objection.

Why not ask that to YouTube itself? I’m sure they would it be able to help you better in this case. :slightly_smiling_face:


I think it is illegal to earn from other’s content/work.

Channel Owner gonna be in Support to that app and promote it also

Then you should ask Google/YouTube

better you take in written so that if google take any action against you have to provide that written documents & safe your app from being suspended…

once google suspend something it’s j=hard to make them believe and moreover google do not allow you to monetize while you use youtube player in your app

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I have Little Question to all of you Koders

A title should be a summary of the topic. Yours asked only for help, which isn’t so informative. I don’t say not to do this, but I recommend write these things into the posts.

But he said he will use api…

He will be using API but however will shows the video which is of YouTube

Youtube won’t share revenue with youtubers unless you use the usual player with usual Youtube Ads. If you use Admob or any other tool to monetize the youtuber will get nothing.

But don’t worry, it is not against Youtube TOS if you do it using their API. What you can’t do is not follow the api.

PS: It is not allowed to use Adsense on apps. You must use admob, which is the “Adsense for apps” and is managed by Google and linked with your Adsense account.

By the way, I am creating a project for a client which work with youtube api too. If you want exchange ideas feel free to message me.