I want to try publishing an app in google play with youtube

Hello developers

i built an app work with airtable api for watching videos from youtube… (i’ll add videos every day to the app)

i will publish branded Movies/Series episodes from different youtube channels

it’s clear to you, that i don’t have any acceptance declaration permit from the owners
i want to ask you if google will reject or suspended my app or my account if i try to list it in the store or this is normal i can submitted it…
during a small search i found many apps of toys kids series working with youtube videos from different channels as my idea !!
any way i will follow your replies


If your app have all YouTube videos without video owner permission then Google will reject your app to publish because it is against Playstore Policy.

You can also play YouTube videos in your app by using YouTube player, but you can not show ads in that app.

You can not publish it Google Play Store as it is against Youtube policies and also you can not show ads… both Play Store and Admob accounts will be suspended…
Publish it on other platforms and use ad networks which accept this type of apps…
If its user generated content like Social Media and Communities then its allowed…

thanks for your replies
what about if i redirect users to watch videos from youtube app not from inside my app?

I think its allowed

Unless you know for certain there is no point in telling people what you “think” about activities that may be against TOS, if not illegal.

[deanart2012] i don’t understand what you mean!
sonumohammad333: i find an app doing that… i’ll try it…