Make short video app

I want to make a short video app. In which user can play and watch video. I plan to download video from youtube or other short video app of random creators and host in airtable,cloudinary or MySQL. Can I publish in play store and monetize without and copyright issue or any other.?

Yes, you can make that kind of app but if you use videos from youtube then your app may be suspended from the play store when the real creator appeal for that. But with the creator’s permission, you might do it.

I have seen lots of apps in play store with millions of downloads running good. I want to think take videos from other short video apps.

They are big companies and those videos are uploaded by their users, not by the company so if your users upload it then, i guess your app will not get any problem.

But one thing that comes in my mind about video apps is that you will surely get a cry because of bandwidth. if you don’t have enough budget.

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