Play Store rejected app because of YouTube

I made an app for my school on Kodular, and one of the screens has YouTube Player on it.
Everything else seems to be fine but I got a mail from Play Store Console that my app has been rejected.

Here is the mail:

There was a screenshot attached with the mail, with no explanation whatsoever.

Here is the screenshot sent by them:

I have posted videos that I have the rights of, because those are the videos of my own school.
If it is about YouTube videos being posted from my other channel or any other reason then that is not clear.

Can somebody help?

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Post full email with image attachment also

I changed category to #off-topic
Which is relavent as it’s not Related to Kodular.

Is there any screenshot attached with this mail ? If yes than post also.

Main reason You can’t publish app with youtube video with banner ads.

There is no banner ad. The third screenshot is of when you minimize the app to “Close All” apps. It is ought to show the App name in that case.

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Please help

I just make the app to open the video directly in youtube.

Don’t use youtube component because how but it violate youtube policy . You can open your youtube video directly in browser or in youtube app by activity starter

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You can try web viewer component to show youtube videos. maybe the play store won’t detect it

In my opinion you can’t use YouTube in the apps like this , I think they only allow like social media url to to subscribe to your youtube channel maybe so easy things on youtube , but you can upload these videos on your Gdrive or somewhere else and allow access to it via your app , I think this way it will be super safe.

:sweat_smile: you challenge the play store . They detect all things we can’t do anything against there policies

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