Kodular app is being rejected by play console

from last two days i have been trying to publish my app, whenever I am trying to publish it every time it’s get rejected.
sorry for grammatical mistake.

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What error are you getting? Also which components are you using?

Next time search before posting.

shows a screenshot, so it will be easier to help you.

It depends on what type of app you are uploading!!! Is it against play store privacy policy? Then it will definately get rejected…

always says that “Your recent app submission was rejected for violating the Content Rating Guidelines.”

Google search


No, this is a shayari app.

I have followed all guidelines of google play, done every necessary steps , but it’s not happening.

You clearly haven’t done what’s needed.

What did they say in the email they sent you?

EDIT: I googled “Shayari” and it seems to be love poems. I doubt your app is suitable for everyone. Perhaps it should be 18+.

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