App rejected for violating youtube policies?

Ok, I know you aren’t supposed to show ads on the same screen where there is a youtube component. But you can’t put ads anywhere on the app? My app is a fairly simple one.
The main screen looks like this:

When the user clicks on ‘Play video’ or ‘Examples’, they are taken to a new screen. Examples screen have ads, the screen which has youtube component doesn’t.

When the user goes back, the ‘youtube’ screen closes and goes to the main screen, which shows and interstitial ad.(also shown when coming back from examples screen)

Am I doing something wrong? I didn’t put any ads on the screen which has youtube component. Should I remove all the ads? Or just the interstitial ad? This is the message from Google:

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As I can see, you’ve many videos on main screen. Are you using those videos from YouTube?

Yes…my own…

Does not matter! How Google will understand that you’re the owner of those video content?

Ok, let me try contacting them.

Will not make any sense! You can’t use Ads and Youtube player at the same place

Make Sure You Have Created 3 Screen , Not You Are Using Component As Screen

You Can Put The Ad When Screen Initialize


Can You Show Youtube Screen’s Component Section

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