Got policy violation regarding device abuse

Hi All,

I got policy violation on my app which shows youtube videos from using youtube component kf Kodular.

Are we not suppose to show admob ad when user clicks on links which plays youtube video?

I have seen many apps do this so please can anyone tell me if this is allowed as Kodular provides youtube component so i thoughts its legal to use it and create app.


You should not use ads with yt player component.

It is always good to look for policies etc before uploading anything to Google Play. That Kodular has the component doesn’t mean that everything is allowed. A car can drive also faster then is allowed but you know you get a ticket if you drive to fast. In this case, educate yourself if you are not doing illegal.

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Thank you for you reply.

I am not displaying any ads in youtube player. I have external component colinlistview which i am using for displaying list of video.

When user clicks from list of video on any of video then ad pops up.

I have seen many apps which displays youtube videos amd display ads.

So not sure if i am doing something wrong.


May be
Any apk can help

So please provide your app apk


You want apk with Ads on?

An apk can help thr community to detect the problem

For that you can turn your ads off(you may turn on test mode)

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Sorry had earlier APK without disabled code block for ads.

Please find attached TheMovieTime.apk (9.3 MB) updated one.