Issue: Violation of Device and Network Abuse policy | Publishing status: Rejected | WHY APP REJECTED?

Hello great makers today I have uploaded my Android App on Google Play Store but I got a bad result!

My App was rejected by Google Play Store.

Hello friends Makroid Community this is my first time for google to reject my App, I have tried to figure it out without good outcome.


I have used the new Makroid features and soforth.

View pagers
Webview and linking Youtube and facebook pages with other websites
Also I have added Ad Banners
Also I have added push notification with Onesignal

Please help me to know wha is wrong with my App?



Sorry yusufcihan

What is wrong with Youtube and how not to access Youtube videos in a way that violates the Youtube Terms of Service?

How can I solve this essue?

You can read on the “YouTube Terms of Service” page found on your email.

  • We do not know which videos you use from YouTube.
  • We do not know what purpose you use these videos.
  • There may be a lot of reasons for this, without more information we can not say anything.

Unfortunately, you need read it YouTube Terms of Service yourself.


Yes ofcause! trust me I have read all things but I didn’t understa which way does violate Youtube and which does not too!

I just linked the whole Yutube channel and not a specific vidio.

Please help me if you know which way does not violate it?

Play youtube in your app and then turn off mobile screen. if after turn off screen video is still palying then i can solve your problem.

For better help send me apk file