Facebook rejected my app

Hello everyone,
I recently uploaded my app on Google playstore, app is live on playstore but when I submitted ad review for Facebook after one day I received this mail. Anyone can please tell me what is problem and how to fix?

And also I puts only Facebook ads but every time when I open app it’s only showing unity ads ,I know it’s for commission but every time? Maybe because of that?


Can you please post a clear image of violation…

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Done, please check now

What type of app is your’s. you should explain more about your app

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Can you please tell us about the app @rvbanna420

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i made theme app, people can download themes from my app.

i made theme app, people can download themes from my app.
please if you know any solution then tell me

. Here is the policy list… Check which one you violated…

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Can you please tell me 4.1 policy point.
I read but didn’t understand

did themes belongs to you or you have rights to show and download in your app from specific website or provider

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No no I’m not stealing anything. I know all rules.
When user click on download. App just redirected to their official website. I just provide best collection links of themes.

Implement your Playstore App link for Clear information.