Google play account terminated

After 5 years on google play over 1 million downloads. I was banned without even knowing what happened. Unfortunately I will have to stop and the Kodular community was very important in my life. I’m devastated! It was good to have exchanged experiences and learned a lot from you. :heart:

I know kodular has nothing to do with Google Play. But I wanted to leave my message of gratitude :pray:

But why ? You Left Android Development ? You know I lost my 2 Developer accounts with more than 1 million downloads and I am still learning after lost my Valuable apps. learn from them don’t give up.
If you know why your apps suspended than make a new account with new release and start journey again with new strategy.

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what’s written in the email they sent you? there must be a reason for that.

I am also Brazilian and would like to know why your account was terminated. What does the Google Play Console email say?

Almost certainly you have gone against Google’s TOS. Tell us what you did so people know what to avoid in future.


Accounts are not terminated after just one violation. Your account probably had multiple violations in one or probably more apps. And after the last one Google decided to suspend your account for good.

But nothing will happen to the users that already downloaded your apps. If you can’t get your account back, send push notification to your users telling them to download the new version and appointing it to your new playstore account.

And from now on, be very careful with Playstore policies. If an app gets a problem, solve it as soon as possible. And if possible, have more than one account. So if one app is suspended and your account goes together you don’t lose all your work.


Google rules do not allow you to have more than one Play Store account. to register a new account, you need to register the passport data of another person, otherwise your account will be blocked

Yea, that’d be useful for other devs.

I use more than one account. In my name, my mother’s name, company name, etc.

Specially if the person publish apps of clients in the same account or his apps are in a dangerous category it is safer to have more than one account.

Heyy don’t be defeated be strong and reach your goal you can always create a. New account

Who said this to you ? You don’t need any passport data in this. Just a different account name and developer name and different email. Different Card details it’s must That’s it i use 2 playconsole in my 1 laptop but in different browser and it works fine

@almeidapablo @Balajidev That’s good that it works for you but please don’t suggest this kind of stuff here

Why? Is this mentioned anywhere that it violate the policy? I don’t see anywhere.

Many organisations also works like this even google play also offers different level of access to different emails in same device.

But I am not suggesting anything illegal.
If I have a company, for example, me as a personal and my company are not the same. Tomorrow I may sell it, and the company will keep being the same.

As for using an account in someonelse’se name, if the other person is aware of that, I really don’t see a problem with this. I would not be violating Playstore rules or any law of any country.