Kodular & COVID-19

Dear Koders,

As you may already know, the new coronavirus called “COVID-19” became a pandemic.
Thus, some governments took measures to avoid its spread. Some of our home countries already imposed restrictions on education, travel, and even free movement.

However, you also may already know that we work remotely, so this is not something that should affect the normal workflow at Kodular. We want to remark and admire the work that health workers are currently doing, by providing such intense labour against this plague.
Remember to follow your government indications.

Thank you,
@Kodular Staff


You can do your part by following public health guidelines and also participating in the MIT App Inventor Coronavirus App Challenge.
More details here: MIT App Inventor Coronavirus App Challenge


Before the MIT App Inventor’s corona virus challenge, I have already developed an app regarding corona virus, its sign, symptoms and preventive measures. But such apps are getting suspended immediately by Google Play to stop spreading rumours.


They aren’t taking risks and don’t have people that go through the apps (afaik). Your app is likely tagged if MIL catches some words in your screenshots like “Coronavirus” or “Pneumonia.” This applies to your app name and it’s description. TBH I would understand why, but there’s plenty of official sources too that tell you the symptoms and what to do. It’s not worth making an app to make it seem like your contributing to help people :). If people have internet to download your app, they have internet to get on their local health officials website to find out more about the Coronavirus.


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I think it is an absurd.
They are punishing all the developers in the world because of some people who made malicious apps using coronavirus to get downloads.
But in this meantime, douzens of good apps are being punished.
And worse, the people are not getting apps that could help them to know more about the problem and how to prevent and get treatment.

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They are not holding funerals. The Coronavirus cannot withstand heat and that’s why people in China are just being burned. You do not get a funeral because even going near the dead body can spread it to you from the particles in the air.


Agreed, Corona Virus has been on fire around the world. Please wash you hands regulatory keep your workplace at home clean. There has been huge lock-downs around the world to slow down the spread of corona virus.

Ensure to keep social distance… See few images around the world here: https://www.flickr.com/groups/[email protected]/


People standing in a road watching the hearse drive away to cremate the person.


I think some people are not taking Covid-19 seriously and are becoming a means of distribution.So it is request to every respected person that please take care of yourself and your family.And always try to stay home which keeps you and your local safe.
A few hours ago me and my family was aware of this and now we are in heavy fear as one Corona Positive has been found in my village.So everyone is very sad and is in heavy fear.

Please stay at home because it is everyone’s duty to keep your environment safe and free of fear


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