Crashes Due to unity and java security error

Describe your issue

I get almost 20k crashes due to java.lang.SecurityException

Details from google play console :

  at android.os.Parcel.createExceptionOrNull (
  at android.os.Parcel.createException (
  at android.os.Parcel.readException (
  at android.os.Parcel.readException (
  at$Stub$Proxy.getNetworkTypeForSubscriber (
  at android.telephony.TelephonyManager.getNetworkType (
  at android.telephony.TelephonyManager.getNetworkType (
  at (
  at (
  at$NetworkCallback.onAvailable (
  at$CallbackHandler.handleMessage (
  at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage (
  at android.os.Looper.loop (
  at (

I think its kodular’s hidden Unity Ad Integration, kindly give me the fix of it

Android version

android 11 and 12

I already tried with app permission and all these things which I found in kodular forum for java.lang.SecurityException but nothing works

Small Update

I found that this issue is happening due to ad loads on Android 11 and 12 ( api 30+).

Unity SDK which is integrated in every kodular app by default, its not working properly in Android 11 +.

In fact i not used UNity ads on my app but due to kodular revenue share system its comes in my app by default from kodular.

I request kodular devs to fix Unity ads its causing the app crashes in android 11 devices.

Whether you use unity ads on your app or not its doesn’t matter. Its causing crashes on every ad unit we use cause of Revenue share system of kodular

hello did you find any solution for this ? I am also facing the same issue .

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