Create number list

In my application i need number list.

if i got number 20 than i want to create list like that 20,19,18,17…3,2,1.
if i got number 50 than i want to create list like that 50,49,48,47…33,32,31.

20 item list to got number

i try using procedure but showing error stack 8mb error

Please tell me how i set block to get this

Can you show what you have tried?

Please show your blocks…

i try this

This loop will never end because lastest2 is a empty String. You should use for each number from the max number, to 1, by -1, add item list item = get number

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problem is he. after i -1 i not set variable to this result so
blocks (1)

i not used uper block so

I’m just suggesting the better and easiest way to achieve this.

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