How To Calculate The List

I Have An List Of Numbers In My Database And I Want To Calculate Them , How I Can Do It ?

Use for each item in the list, set initialize global to get initialize global + get item

Can You Explain Me By Blocks I Am Trying


But There Is An Error

The operation + cannot accept the arguments

Use Lable 2 text + get item

Because global cost is a list and + cannot accept list , use set label 2 text to get labl 2 text + get item

Same Error Sir Because Label 2 Is Still Empty

label start value to 0

First set Lable 2 text to 0 not empty or any other text, in properties set Lable text 0, then in blocks use this

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Here Is A Blocks That I Used

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Great… best of luck with your project

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I Got A Solution But Still In Trouble :sob::sob:

Actually I Want , When User Click On Button If Cost(That Is In List) Will Equal To 100 or Above Then Show An Message You Have Completed

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Then below these blocks use if lable text =/> 100 then show notification

There I No Have Any label , Label Was For Example I Want When Got List

Then use global Initialize, instead of label , when you get list, set global total to 0, then each item in list ,set global total to get global total + get item , after that use if get global total =/> than 100 show notification

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