List raw data calculation

I have coded for calculating values from a list of raw data by using this formula A=1*(Yo+Yi)/2 from a certain range of values but I would like to use a different method where I should not use FOR EACH NUMBER block but do the same calculation because if I collect a list of views which is more than 6 it gives an error that list item selected is more than the range. Therefore, I am trying to avoid this IN SHORT, ANY METHOD I CAN USE APART THE ONE I USED BUT DOING THE SAME CALCULATION? I have tried different methods, it did not work.


Can you provide the blocks for let’s say 8 items together with the error message?

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Well, you obviously get that error, because there are only 6 items in the list …
You might want to replace the fixed number 8 by length of list name
Btw. you might want to rename the name of the list to for example listRawData



Thanks, it worked.

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