Help with list item

hello everyone
I am facing a strange problem with lists block. see below images

when I am using above block I am getting the value that is 1 item of the list which is correct but as soon as I change the number to 2 it shows error cannot get item 2 of the list of length 1.

but the length of the list is not 1. i can confirm see below image.

as you can see I am successfully getting the blood group(1st element of list) but second element email is not getting it shows the error cannot get item 2 of the list of length 1.

pls help me and tell me what i am doing wrong.


And post back what you get


i already did it and i am getting the error see “error cannot get item 2 of the list of length 1”
plus i did below block to see if the list is correct

and it gives this list
but when i try this
i get this
Attempt to get item number 2 of a list of length 1: ((Bloodgroup sample blood group))

now question is when i check the variable resonserpart2 it shows the correct list but when i try get item from list the reduces to just 1 item i don’t know why it is happening anyidea @Boban

Somewhere you did it wrong as it is only one list and decoding the list from the image above, it’s a bit hard sorry


but you can see there are email, name and filename URL as other items in the list its just that it is only detecting 1 item of list. pls help

Yes I see it’s list of something but because of my eyesight, two brackets becomes tree or four, four brackets becomes sex or seven, you get my point on this and that is one of the reasons I dropped to look at you image

Someone else can take a look att this as I get confused, sorry


i solved the problem thanks for your support.

Can you post what is the solution.