Help in get items from list inside list

I have list like
((1 item1 item2)(2 item3 item4)(3 item5 item6))
i want to get items in 3 different variable how can this possible.?

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you can use like this,

blocks - 2019-12-10T204235.176

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i m getting this as a result from database . how can get through loop .?

first you can set your all data to a list,
then you can make lists from it,
like set list1 to select list item index 1
set list2 ti select list item index 2
set list3 to select list item index 3

after setting data to these lists, you can get data from that lists

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pls can u show blocks…?

i have this list is the list i got.
blocks (28)

its getting a list of all data

try something like this, i am not sure about you lists, but try

blocks - 2019-12-10T211132.948

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Thank you so much, it’s working from your help!

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