Difference between for each item and for each number

What is Difference between for each item and for each number?
as i know it’s the same fuction?

in for each item loop you can get items which you provide ,
and in for each number loop, you can get all items index (positions)

For each item block is used when you have a list and want to do something for each item in the list for example.

For each number block is also a loop but the difference is that you define how long should be the loop. Like for each number from 1-10 add item to list. It will add 10 items to a list.

Both works the same, the major differences are

  1. selecting the item by directly(in list)and by index method (in number)
  2. limitation is not possible(in list) and limitation is possible(in number)
  3. we cannot pick the nth item(in list) and can pick nth item (in number)
  4. we cannot run loop if we look for every 2nd or 3rd or nth item (in list) and quite possible (in number) and lot more…

You will come to know all these after implementing and taking trails or test

We can do the not possible just by adjusting the blocks, but i am telling this to know…

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