Create row from number 1 using Admin Panel

Hello great koders I would need your advanced help on this.
I have created a News App with an Admin Panel Login where I can upload news using the same app and I have done this perfectly but I have noticed that there is something which needs to be configured well. Please I need your advanced help on how I set the blocks after Upload done then the Airtable should create row from number 1 and not the last number eg 8, 9 and so forth.

Here are my blocks

This is what I get from Airtable
:point_down: :point_down: :point_down: :point_down: :point_down:

My idea was to get that I created today on 26 March 2020 to be in number 1 instead of number 9

If it adds on last number or line then wherever in user app you call data from airtable it is in list so you can reverse that list by using reverse list block so 9 no index will be top or whatever you add will be shown on top to users.

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How @ShaikhSajidAli show blocks please to solve it and I will mark this as a solution and the topic will be closed.

Oh sorry but i am not at pc but you can do it
Initialize new variable list and make this create empty list
When you got date from airtable then
Set this variable list to reverse list block and attach this get value
Reverse block is available in list selection where create empty block is and colour of block issky blue

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See Lists - Kodular Docs

Yeah just put the value you get from airtable and it will ne reversed

Hello @dora_paz you are just showing where the list is as if I don’t know, it could be much helpful if you could have shown how to reverse and call the list.

Hello @ShaikhSajidAli did you mean like this?
:point_down: :point_down: :point_down: :point_down:

You can try sorting by date

Like this

blocks (1)
Same will done with all airtable events like getAllRows and getAllColumn after this make a list or whatever from this reverseList variable

As @himalayanxtiger says, the solution to this is to sort the airtable according to a certain criterion (in this case, sort by date) and when you get the values, you get them sorted

Hello @pepocero I have tried that but it is like not working because it overlaps other Title and Images etc.

But when you sort the Airtable table the values in the date column are sorted, but the other columns are also re-sorted.
If you sort the table and then get the values, they don’t overlap…

In the apps I’ve done I always sort the values by date and then from Kodular I get the sorted values… you don’t have to use any reverse list block or anything like that. Just assign the values to a list variable and that’s it.
If your blocks have any “reverse list” values, then they will overlap.

I have tried this method but doen’st seem to work

Also this doesn’t work too

I then tried this but it just reversed the row but when clicking the row it takes me to another one which is not the real one.

I fill like overwhelmed and tired I don’t real know what to do.

But why don’t you try what I’m telling you?

  1. Sort the values by date in Airtable:

  1. In Kodular to the variables put only the values:

It also confuses, I don’t know which is which!

The first one is “Ascending order”
The second is “descending order”

Ascending order (A-Z): Oldest to newest. It also orders alphabetically in case the values are words, from A to Z

Descending order (Z-A): newest to oldest. It also orders alphabetically in case the values are words, from Z to A

Let me try this,

Because what I wan it when I create the row in the app it should show it on top as a new not as a last to the new!

am I right to do that?

With this you order the values from newest to oldest.

If you add another value from today’s date, it puts it at the top:


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That is what I want let me try it now, then I will let you know.