Airtable new records first

Hi :smiley: , When I add a new row … it gets saved at the end of the rows .
How to make any new records is the first row in the table …
And can i do that from Airtable or by code in kodular?
Thanks :slightly_smiling_face::heart:

Reverse the list in app instead.implies when you recieve data list you reverse it and Show the list in app (don’t change airtable)
(Not solution but alternate if your final need is that)


Make a field short… :+1:

@mahmoudkamel yes it can do from airtable it’s simple.

You can simply sort your data by Date on airtable. No need of a single piece of block! :ok_hand:


@mahmoudkamel As @asimjib93 said,Goto airtable create a column name “date” or something you like,click the rightside of the column name that you made you will see customize field type click it and then you will see many option,select the "create time"option.
Last step you should do is
You can see “Sort” written at the above of your table column name…click on it,you can see as written “Click a field to sort by”.click on it,you will see the list of column name,select the column that you set the create time option.After that you will se two option something like 1-9 and the 9-1 and then put a data on your column you will see the result…