How to load data in airtable before cell.?

Hello Kodars
I want to load data in airtable but data should be load above row not bellow a row. Normally in airtable data loads bellow row one by one. i want to load data above row every time. Please help me in this regards.

Once you get data from airtable use reverse list block


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Ok thanks dora. but if i will upload data in airtable above row than it will be best. please help me dora how to upload data in airtable above row.

Add the Created time field to your table. Under ‘Sort’, click ‘Add a sort’ and then under ‘field’ select your Created field. If you want to see your last created record on top, don’t forget to set your sort to ‘from 9 → 1’

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Woking :+1:

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