Create shareable link for others to join a specific group in app

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I’m sure most of us know about the Firebase Deep Link function which is really helpful. I’ve done a lot of research and I don’t think I’ve found the right solution yet. I’ve tried using activity starter, and EVENT GOT RECEIVED SHARED (Screen Block)…

Do any of you know how I can read the link parsed by ‘Firebase Deep Link’ when my app initializes?

Here’s my idea of creating a shareable link:

  • App creates a new link in this format > [MyFirebaseDeepLink + Value (e.g ?code=123456)]
  • Copy this newly created link to clipboard and allow user to send to others
  • When link is clicked, new users will be directed to App (if installed).
  • App reads the link for the ‘Value’ and configure based on that.

I believe it is possible as I’ve done something similar but on a WEB using Javascript. Where I’ll read the ‘Value’ at the end of the URL.

I forgot to mention, I currently have several ways for users to join groups (e.g. QR Code, Enter Group ID, Password). And so now I’m looking specifically for LINK joining :slight_smile:

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Deeplinking is not possible yet

Thanks for your instant reply. I am aware of that as I’ve read through many other discussion topics regarding deeplink.

Note: Firebase Deeplink allows user to be directed to my app. So it’s possible, but I just wanted to know if I can read the link from kodular in anyway :slight_smile:

Thanks again!