Create top bar with title and buttons with image

pucha again with another topic since I’m just working and learning by kodular now I need to make a top bar with buttons for the share function and information would be kind to help me please

Drag Horizontal Arrangement, inside it drag label, space and buttons as per your requirements.

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It is not what I want to do, it is how it appears in the photo

I have ready as it appears in the photo I want to know how the function can be done for each button

if I have it Horizontal Disposition

as I pass to Screen with those buttons

Are you talking about function of these buttons that you have taken in top bar??


@Alejandro_Contreras ,I think you don’t know how to tag a person. if you want to tag someone in your post then you have to write @ first before writing his name and the person will be tagged​:upside_down_face:.

if I want that function by independent button

component_event component_method

If I have those functions but it does not send me to another Screen that I want to achieve

I can only do this

is it ok or am i wrong

As it appears in the photo it worked like that but I think it’s wrong

Please translate your block to English language so we can understand.
But as far I understood, there is a mistake in your blocks. You must check the icon variable first that is it matching with share icon then you have to do the share function and if the icon variable matching with messege icon then you have to do message function…

I changed it and now what else do I do please

It is not in English language yet.
Your blocks seems wrong. May you post full blocks of screen.

Uploading: Sin título3.png…