Creating a Custom Search Bar

Is there any way to make search bar in apps. Like this​:point_down::point_down:

If anyone knows please let me know in comment section!:blush:

Look at screen 1 blocks…
There is a block to add icons


I know there are blocks to add title icons but i want to add search bar to search something in screen.

It’s not possible in the default title bar, but you can create a custom one and implement the search bar.


Dear i have already created the custom one.

How to implement it?:cry::thinking:

This might help …

Or you can explore the ideas and make one that meets your need.

I read both of these Posts… But it doesn’t work for my requirements.

Actually i want to add search bar in the app title to filter sites

Make a list with all sites’ names and place it in the for each block

thank you…

I don’t know which list view you’re using, but if it were the list view with image you could do like this …


I Know it’s very simple but could work.

Do i need to import listview extension?

No. This is one available in the User Interface components.

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will try it. BTW thanks alot

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I have an extension through which you can make a search bar. (19.4 KB)

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Thanks for reply. BTW this extension is not working in Kodular, I tried it:cry::sweat:

Nope, It doesn’t work

There’s this paid extension for grid view; it seems to have a filter in it.

This app is created with Kodular, how he implement the search bar? I’m was searching whole day thank god i got it…

App is created by @Deep_Host bro can you help me?:worried:

Still my question not answered :worried::pensive:

I don’t think that this app is created by Kodular and even by other builders…