Search bar on App Bar


I want to ask, is it possible to see this integrated to Makeroid?

@TurboProgramming Well sometimes if it’s an extension, it could be!


@Mika is working on some replacements for the titlebar, so maybe he can add something like this.


I hope @Mika can do it. This will be real useful!


Please @Mika

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i read everywhere that this extension does not work in kodular?
We need a search function like that but it does not work here :

You can create a custom title bar…
Put a clickable label on right side. And define when clicked textbox visible to true and label visible to false


Yes thats right for few case. But not for scrollable feeds because the custom title bar we created moves up rather than staying at that position.

There is a solution for that…
First put horizontal arrangement on top[design search bar and other components]
Then vertical scroll able arrangement
Design your app there…
Don’t forget to turn off the scrollable property on screen properties

i cant describe the problem in words i m sending aia and apk

Almost all Title Bar extensions are not working in Kodular since Kodular is using another type of Title Bar.


I’ll provide you an aia soon :unamused:

This is the same with Web Viewer, all extensions (almost all) does not work also.

Because Kodular’s components are different than others. But all extensions which adds a new feature which Kodular doesn’t have, are working great.


This extension is very useful but unfortunately it doesn’t work in Kodular​:disappointed::sweat:

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Watch This Videos For Create A Best Search Option In Your Apps.

1)Custom Search Option App

2)Simple Search Option App

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