I want to add a search bar option in my app

Please help me adding a search bar option in my app.

Create it of your own using horizontal arrangements…

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Did you search the forum?



Yeah,I have searched but after creating topic.Sorry for my mistake.

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Watch This Video.

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Try this post -

This aix file may be help you
co.com.dendritas.Actionbar.aix (11.1 KB)

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I have used this aix file but i don’t know how to write the blocks and how to use it with airtable.Actually i have created a music player app & i have put the url of songs in airtable.As there are so many songs so it is necessary to add a search bar in the app.So please tell me how i can use this extension with airtable.

I have used this suggestion but url list is showing in the spinner which are placed in airtable.

You can go for this page Search bar on App Bar

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