Creating Personal TinyWebDB

I know that :firebase: is better in every way. But it’s always better to know, right? Plus for every Firebase project you create, you get a Google Cloud Platform counterpart, otherwise just sitting there. Why not utilize it to run a TinyWebDB server?

Many here have experienced the complexity of TinyWebDB, including me. The old and outdated documentation speaks of a free “Google Cloud Platform Launcher”. Alas, it’s now paid. All you get for free is a collection of Command Prompt tools. Now, I agree that some of you are here with :makeroid: (or any other distribution) because you don’t know how to code. To non-coders, and every other person who’s not an expert, Command Prompt is scary. It was for me too. Something important I learnt, is follow the errors. In Command Prompt, they really are the stepping stones. I, personally, started my App Inventor journey by diving in, and did not take any tutorials. For TinyWebDB too, I figured stuff out on my own. So your best guide, is that weird error message. Now let’s dive in to the steps to get stuff up and running! …hopefully at once.

Now you have Cloud SDK running. We need App Engine for TinyWebDB. All App Engine Commands are located in gcloud app.
To get TinyWebDB up and running, follow these steps:

  • Copy the TinyWebDB files to Cloud SDK location (C:\Users\$Username$\AppData\Local\Google\Cloud SDK) (Replace $Username$ with your username)
  • Open Cloud SDK Shell
  • Type gcloud app create
  • Follow the on-screen instructions
  • Type gcloud app deploy
  • Follow the on-screen instructions

Boom! TinyWebDB, up and running!
Now that you have your own TinyWebDB Service, why not secure it?

Do all that, or, you know, just use :firebase: :laughing:


hi ,
how to create it without Google ?
i need to make it work International including China !

@Hybro TinyWebDB has only ever been run on Google Cloud Platform. It could potentially work on AWS or Azure, but I don’t think it has been tested.