Crypto Price Table

How ı make crypto price table in my app

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Do you mean chart?

What have you tried so far?

@deanart2012 api but I could not start it


a table like this

you can create this with api by getting values of market

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Well the question is, you just said you want to create a table of prices of cryptos

Where do you want help in this, in the ui part or in fetching the values ?

For ui : Use dynamic components extension by @yusufcihan

For backend/blocks : You have to fetch prices from some online api like coinbase. You can also use google finance with google sheets but that isnt recommended if you wish to get dot precise data. Option 3, you can scrape the price from the website.

Recommendation : When dealing in such apis mainly in scrapping, do check if the website owner has any policy preventing / restricting the action for some specific kind of product / app

Rest, if you could explain your problen precisely then the community could help you in a much better and efficient manner


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