Cryptocurrency exchange

I want a crypto trading app which back end based on Kraken exchange. In kraken, there is a option to create API, through which you can make your own app or website. I want an crypto trading app, in which the whole transactions are made in behind by kraken and I earn commission through the fees system. For control the user app, I also want a web admin panel or an admin app. If anyone make this type of app then inbox me with the cost for it.

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Can you give any example which type of app you need which is already available?

Check this URL:- Login - Admin

Where after login, you can see an option broker setup. There you can see binance and other crypto exchange API setup option. I need above mentioned type app AIA file

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yes, this is possible with Kodular.

but i cant found this

Websockets API:


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yes, this app is possible with Kodular

Inbox me the cost.

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