How to create crypto exchange app

How to create crypto exchanger or trading app like, coinswitch, wazirX, Binance ect.

If you have no idea on how to do it, better not to try. Because your app must be very secure, otherwise you will put the money of your users in danger.

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Bruh just i want to know how to create this type of apps whenever i developed this app then may i provide security. But now just i want to know which resources need to developed this type of apps…

There is no big difference between an exchange app and an app where the user can shop.

If you had a specific doubt, as what is the best api for processing payments or how to encrypt your database or something like this I could give specific answers.

But there are literally douzens of components or extensios that will be necessary, and hundreds of blocks, so there is no way to sumarize how to creat this app.

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Best thing to do is google gow to build these kinds of apps.

Then look to see if Kodular offers the required components and blocks. If not you can check to see if you can use extensions.

Would it be possible to write the not given blocks as code?
(I am a nooby)

Most probably yes
As we do not have more information, we only can guess


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Thanks Taifun
I have heard a lot about you :slight_smile: