Custom dialog gray edges

I’m using “Custom dialog” to create my dialog with style. I have given my dialog a properties for:
Is Card: True,
Background color: Custom.

I also tried using
Use Round Card: true, but the edges are gray again.

I keep getting the gray edges on the dialog as showen. Is there any chanes to make them trandparent.

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You are using Round Card Property and using Notifier to create Custom Dialog then your edges are in gray color not transparent to solve this problem use @Jerin_Jacob Layout Dialog Extension Which is Paid

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There should be a way for us to fix this bug.
Let me test something. After it I write back.


in my app i also use custom dialog but edges can’t show and i rounded my edgesScreenshot_20190403_195733 I Use The Same Color Which I Used In Arangement In Notifier Background
So This Bug is Gone For Me