Custom Floating Button Extension

Hello everyone!

Today i’m here with my another extension “Custom Floating Button” or Custom Floating Acrtion Button. Use this extension to create your custom floating acrion buttons with 1000+ Font Awesome icons. I have made this with the help of appinventor components sources and made some little chnage to show Font Awesome icons in the floating button. As the built in component "Floating Action Button"of Kodular also don’t supports font awesome icons. { Sorry if i’m wrong. } Kinldy download and use this extension and let me know your views & suggestion in the comments below.

:arrow_down: Download AIX : com.cttricks.CustomFloatingButton.aix (16.5 KB)
:arrow_down: Download AIA : CustomFloatingButton.aia (17.1 KB)

:arrow_upper_right: OutPut


Good one!
You should also provide a screenshot how the result looks on a device :slight_smile:


Im willing to try it out. Do you have any screenshots?

Thanks for your quick response & feedback @Mika @jc1bryan i have added a gif in above post to show the output of this extension.


Ohh… its a very good extension,it will help me a lot. Thanks @help_cttricks :yum:

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Looks good. Job well done :100::100::100:

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another great work done by @help_cttricks , appreciated and thanks for your work,

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Good one. :+1:

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Add some features in next version action button with text, and icon only without round background.

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Nice one tanish:+1:

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Thankyou all for appreciating my work. It means a lot to me :relaxed:


Another great extension from your side keep it up

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Hello @Mika
I need a little help from you, How can i apply/get a tag [ Like : Extension Developer or Similar tags ] for my account. It would be great for me if you can help me in getting that. :slightly_smiling_face:

:part_alternation_mark: Thanks @Hadi_Editz for your feedback & appreciation.

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You should ask @Diego

Added you to the Extension Developers group :smile:

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How can i ? Can you guide me please

He mean that now you have the tag “extension developer”.


:sweat_smile: Ohh that’s great! Thanks

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found this error while testing it on companion ,

Font asset not found /mnt/sdcard/AppInventor/assets/fontawesome-webfont.ttf

I also found the same error.