Custom HTML On Webviewer [SOLVED]

but what you can do instead see this answer


@TurboProgramming fyi: I just corrected/updated my answer on Stackoverflow… :wink:

If you use html files including js and css files, which use a directory structure, you have 2 options:

  1. upload all files into the assets of your app and modify all paths inside all html, js and css files to use that main directory,
  2. or (probably easier) download your project (aia file) onto your computer, make a backup just in case (you know to have backups is always recommended…) open it using 7zip, drag your complete directory structure inside subdirectory assets, save the modified project (aia file) and upload the modified project to App Inventor


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what if there is an image file in html page how can i link to my html i mean path ?

Use relative path

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add image link like this in your html file… it will work. I have tested it on my app.

img src="file:///android_asset/imagefile.png"

i have created a browser where index.html file loads from asset folder. i used index.html as a home page for the browser so that a user can view landing page without INTERNET connection.

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you need to use taifun extension in order display in apps.