Custom listview - recyclerview ui extension [Paid]

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Post some screenshots and post the video directly here.


Just me?


No I am also with you,:joy::grin:

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Is this better than Dynamic components extension?

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I want list to to be separate, it look like its in 1 white page.

The you can use card view and place other components in that card view.

geting error

ok thank you ?

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Sorry​:sweat_smile:, Images are updated

Why did you mark my comment as solution? I uncheck it.

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The Extension is based on Recyclerview, is recommended for better performance, look at android developers documentation. And the Extension uses glide too, recommended for loading images.
Concepts are a little bit complicated, first, by using dinamic components, you’re adding widgets to the count you want to, for example I could do a “listview” using dynamic components for a data of 50 items, the dinamic components will create 50 widgets. But what is the data is larger? 100…150 you will have 150 widgets in screen. Wre know , as many widgets we put in screen, the app gets more lagged. The difference is that the RecyclerView, creates just the count of widgets that are necessary to fill your phone screen, and when you scroll, the widgets change their position.

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Here an image that explains it, widget at first position is moved according to your scroll, all the next widgets do the same. That’s why it’s called RecyclerView, it recycles the views(widgets in case of kodular)


Why you mark his post as the solution again???

Just bought it man.
I really need some performance boost with my custom lists.

Finger crossed, as soon as you send me the extension I’ll check it out!

Can you try to simplify this? Also add a description what each block does.


I just edited the post.


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Nice extension, I might buy it.

  1. How many sample AIA files will you provide?
  2. This is a suggestion: maybe add an event OnScrolledToTheEnd? So we can load like 20 posts at a time, so it doesn’t take that long.

can you show or give an example how to set recycle list, i got every thing but din’t understand how to set recycle list.
will we have to set block for it or it work automatically.