Custom Notifier to show Any Arrangement/Component | Guide

Don’t give any Cancel Button.

Thanks @pewoso5079 :blush:
As you can see in the procedure there is option for cancelable set it to false, but then you have to cancel it by setting timer or any other logic because then user can’t cancel it.

Great guide!
But I don’t understand the part where you make the screen dim. Can you kindly explain to me?
And also I don’t understand why overshoot to the negative of bottom position is the centre :sweat:

Thanks :blush:

Just set the arrangement which we are overshooting bg colour to black with less opacity.

I used his method to appear thing on other arrangements.
@nikzdreamer2001 can answer your questions about it.


You can make it of any color you want…
There is an arrangement whose background color is black with around 0.7 opacity/transparency

First of all for everyone it’s tough to calculate position that’s why

Preparing complete guide on animation utils

Ye because we are moving in upward direction


Still don’t understand why, but okay, because you are

Do you know basic of coordinate system?

I am not fully understand on a phone.
on a 2D object I know there are x and y
Is 0, 0 the centre? Like the one we learn in school before.

As you can see on y axis when you have to go upward you are going towards neg. Value.
That is implemented here
Am I right @nikzdreamer2001 :sweat_smile:

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The one I learn, if you are going upwards, the y axis increases. I don’t know if it works the same in devices.


Yes you are correct and @themaayur you too…

But in this case when we move upward y will decrease​:sweat_smile::joy::joy:

Math and Android are different from this perspective.
The coordinates of top left corner is (0,0).


I am doing exactly as your Guide says, still there is a space (or a area not covering the 100% of my phones screen?) at the bottom of my screen and I couldn’t help myself to remove it. Can you please help me with that?

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Have you set the arrangement height to 100%

yes it is, also here is the screen shot of your provided AIA, it looks different as well.

Strange, it works fine in my device, can anyone try the apk and confirm it.
Which device is it ?

Yeah :sweat_smile:

My Phone: Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 PRO
Resolution: 1080x2340 pixels
Android: 9

It is normal fo me, but the words are cut to half
My screen has been modified but still, screenshot will keep the original pixels.

Oneplus 5T
Android 10

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Ok, When I will be using laptop then I will check again.
Btw, the lable issue can be solved.

@Smaug are you sure you had not made any changes in aia.
Try the apk in first post.

Yes, I just exported that AIA to APK without any changes.

Results, are same using APK.

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