Custom Search Bar with Simple & Dynamic Listview | Guide

Python :disappointed_relieved:

I only know this python :grin::sweat_smile: :snake:

Snake Python GIF by SWR Kindernetz


That looked like python but I don’t think it is, there is no keyword ‘procedure’ :sweat_smile:

How I can create search option for this type of blocks

I have tried something like this but failed

Please help me!
Thank you in advance

Collin tree add element block use

You can check the aia in first post.

It has nothing to do here, I have not used that extension.

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Okay, thanks a lot.

I have checked your aia file but still not able to solve the problem, since I am using spreadsheet and I left with something like this

Is there any way to solve this?

Thank you
Thanks alot

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This guide of the search bar is very nice and I am going to use this in my next app. But, I want that after searching if they click an option, it will open another screen so how can I do that?

i also want to create listview like this but i want show 2 data in single row

U can use this guide for reference and make changes according to your needs. You can’t get everything as you want :slightly_smiling_face:

@Manish_Ojha You could use join button from text blocks and show two data’s in a single row


How to make searchable like this with BigImage ListView from this (5 Different Listviews using Dynamic component Extension | Guide)

Have you read topic ? See #post47

Hi, i saw but with that, program working too slow.

Hello @themaayur I am mentioning you just for saying Thank You, I used everything from youtuber extension to complex blocks but your guide did the work for me in very few blocks and it looks professional also.

eğer make a list bölümünde 2500-3000 adet elements varsa nasıl yapabiliriz.teker teker yazmak yerine

Translation added by Mod

If there are 2500-3000 elements in the make a list section, how can we do it. Instead of writing it one by one

I guess those thousands of elements is added to a global list from an online database? If so, you just use that global list with those elements. You don’t have to add everything manually. Screenshots in guide are only made for us to see how it works.

Follow this if you use Simple ListView:

Can anyone tell me if there’s a way to do this search method with Firebase Data Base?