Custom Webview Data Input

How Do I put an input in the input field?
I have used Evaluate Js block and entered document.getElementById(“enter_room_field”).value = “my_value”;

And How do I Autoclick the CONTINUE IN BROWSER button?

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Did you refer this guide

Yes. I did. But it’s not working.

So you want to say that I have some special magic skills that’s why it is working for me.
It is very clear that very often the problem happens to be with us but we tend to blame it on others
Show what you tried and what result did you get.

I just want the LAUNCH IN WEB button to be clicked automatically. But It is not working. It stays on the same page. Please Help.

Can you show us a Guide on How to Automatically Click the Custom Web View Website Button using Activity Starter Component in Kodular and on How to Send the Kodular Component Textbox Data to Custom Web View Website Textbox?

Have you searched in the community?

yes but its not working “document.getElementById(“enter_room_button”).click();”

You didn’t set element id correctly?

How? Please Guide me

Try this

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