Customer Service (with chat, voice call, video call and Screen sharing) Guide

Today I am going to tell you how to embed Customer service in any app with Web Viewer.

Steps -

First go to and sign up/in you will be redirected to Admin Dashboard.
Now, go to Administration -

Go to Chat widget -
Copy Direct Chat link -

Now set the Home url of the Web Viewer to the copied link. -
Your Customer Care Screen is ready.
The Chat option is free but if you want to add voice calls, video calls and screen sharing you will have to pay.
When somebody messages you , notifications like this will be shown -

The Plans of -


Blocks -

None used


Pm me


User end -

Admin end -

Hope it helped !


Very nice guide, keep doing them !!!
Please remove Direct Chat Link you can still see the link !!!
Question: Why send PM for AIA ???
It would not be much better to post the AIA link for all members…

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Because the AIA is empty only with a Webviewer and moreover I will have to remove the Home url.

Thanks :grinning:

you’re welcome !!!
I was talking about hiding the link …

Sorry for the confusion !!! :wink:

Nice guide @Tekwizer :+1:t2:

Thanks @techVsurya !

how to make video call

this can help

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but can only be used from a computer to a user? if you are not logged in on the pc, the chat does not work. Is it possible to chat between two mobile phones? I could not do it. Works well only with logged in pc

Yes it is possible with multiple if condition i.e contains text

is there any example?

I think this extension is much better and here you can setup native realtime things.

Checkout here:

If the text box text contains price irrespective of the length of query you can show the reply which contains price of your items.

Likewise you can set up plenty of queries

Or you can ask the user to select multiple tags , based on that you can set up the process