(FREE)Make a video conference application

Hi everybody
I’m here with a new guide today

We will make a simple but useful video conferencing application that I mentioned in my last guide.let’s start

@Nisarga had explained this before but did not give clear information on how

Let’s detail this a little bit now

required extensions
custom web view

List Permission

  1. We must first get the necessary permissions


against the denial of permissions

izin reddi 2

permissions ok :upside_down_face:

now custom web view should see permissions


2.Let’s talk a little bit about the site we will use now

You can use it on a different site but it is the number one for this job.
it has an easy logic.Screen sharing support on the computer that can connect up to 50 people with the same room name.
It has many features such as

  1. Besides, you can also create links using taifun clipboard and direct it to the room link with the help of a tex box.


I hope I helped
I’ll talk about firebase storage in my next guide

See you

Thanks @vknow360

Thanks @jarlissonlira2

Thanks @Taifun


Very good Guide :smiley::+1:


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You are just loading a url in webview, how it’s a guide ?

P.S: just now observed that its almost 5 months old topic :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :no_mouth:


How many urls do you expect me to upload? Here the goal is a simple conference app. I can of course duplicate the urls.

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I used your codes but I am getting a Blank White Screen when the screen initialize. Please help.


hello this is the solution to the error

here you need to tick veritical arganament

thank you

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Hi everyone, I have a permission issue.
I’ve already put these permissions, you can even see them in my app’s properties, but when I load the Jitsti Meet in my WebViewer, it doesn’t allow me to use Camera or Microphone. Would anyone know give me a tip on how to solve this?


use the custom web view plugin

thank you

hi can you create several video call rooms through the app?