CustomWebView : An extended form of Web Viewer

Ouch…So there’s nothing to do but wait for the release…

Thank you for your attention.

you are always very helpful

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has the webview issue fixed in android 10?

Wait…do you think is that my fault? :roll_eyes:
I strongly recommend you to improve your reading skills.


Problem is due to update in kodular fenix 1.5 not in extention

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webview problem

Please search before posting :point_down:

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No, I don’t say that is your wrong.
I am only asking and making surely because I don’t have android 10.

I knew this.

Actually I replied to @RIYADH_RIYADH who posted the comment without reading the Bug tracker report.

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Don’t worry.
I have Android 11.

how to use this block anyone help me

Normally you need not to use that block.

Now, when the kodular web viewer and this extension are not working at all until next release, does anyone know any old extension or something to get browser working in the apps? Web viewer component has been about 2 weeks down and is completely non-usable.

Or is it possible to someone to customise Experimental “Custom Tabs” to be working inside the vertical/horizontal view? Now custom tabs in the app, forces app behind the back button and opens external browser. It would nice to have it working in these view frames too… and there would be a second option to Web Viewer.

No matter what you do if you will try to use any webview related component and extension, they all will show the same behaviour.
It’s problem of Kodular and not of any of the extensions.


Hello Sunny Gupta, I wanted to allow web viewer permission of like Camera and Audio , Can you please tell me how to use it and please send a picture before 5 August 2021 , it’s argent please reply me as soon as possible

If you search you will find more.
But for now it should be enough:

has the fixed of webview launched? because I don’t see again the feedback of bug in home page

How to handle this js prompt?
In desktop browser it shows ok and cancel.
how to show these values on the app???
Screenshot (90)

That’s called js confirm dialog.

How to deal with this?