CustomWebView : An extended form of Web Viewer

I have! But how to detect if the page not refreshed but changed the url

That’s worked … thanks @Taifun

@Xoma might be able to provide a beta aix.

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com.sunny.CustomWebView.aix (82.3 KB beta)

Screenshot 2021-08-14 at 21-12-39 Kodular Creator

From this, you would be able to record all the events (Get, Post, Delete, Connect) requests with the headers.

Note that this is a beta version of the extension.
I have forgotten to add the web view id element in the event.


I am back working in a browser app so I came to look for this extension again to see if there was any improvement. I am glad to see that it got some new interesting blocks.
Unfortunably this topic was such a huge success that it is almost impossible to read it all and get some tips, but next days I will play a little with it.


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How/Is there any link to that topic?

You are such an amazing person that you gave us such an awesome extension for free to use and also consistently updating it when needed. Your work solved all of my problems related to web viewers. That’s why I am writing this just to say thank you. Love from Bangladesh.

And if anyone else wants to download it:


Now I need some help. How to download files with correct names automatically via this webview?


That will work.
But you can leave file name and dir empty for default values.


How to use block ads compoent ?

See here:

And kindly search in the community before posting a reply. :nerd_face:

Thank You For Guide

Please Help @vknow360

My Block

You can do few things:

  1. Update extension
  2. Reload page
  3. Recreate that particular event blocks

Thank you. problem solved

I found another problem
maybe Page Loaded Not working Properly @vknow360

Try unwrapping the if condition.

how to perform a block for a new window request getting the requested URL…
This block only returning boolean result and the id, but how can i load a new window with the URL?

I already allow this supportmultiwindow

Thanks in advance for the help