CustomWebView : An extended form of Web Viewer

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Hello broo i have a doubt my website is direct download link website when clicking download button it starts download process i need a confirmation message before download is it possible ??

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Use this block and the set a notifier for confirmation from user.

See the documentation to know the default properties of webview.

hi vknow360, i used this extension but it is not working it is showing an empty arrangement please help

i have used : create web viewer on vertical arrangment1 on screen initialize. if this is wrong then tell me how to add a web viewer with that extension

Create WebView
Creates a webview in given arrangement but it will not show anything as it is not active.

Set WebView
Makes given webview (id) to active webview and enabled to receive all method calls.

Note:- 1.WebView created using CreateWebView method will use default properties (See documentation).
2.CreateWebView method will only create webview and not set created webview as active one.
3.SetWebView will only make given webview visible not other webviews.
4.SetVisibility will affect all webviews.


@vknow360 you should make a guide of CustomWebView

@rizubarury Thanks for your suggestion.
But as you know I have some issues currently so I can’t.
If someone is interested and makes guide then I appreciate him.


So I guessed Right :grin::wink:

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Great feature, which I was looking from 5 months, is the update released?

Yes, it’s already released.

I dont see version 7 link, can someone provide me

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Ohh sorry I thought you are asking about dynamic Webview.

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Now browser app are a trend to make it

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Hi everyone How i can add permission to webview i don’t find permission bloc ?

ChangeLog Version 7

New Blocks

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug in PrintWebContent method
  • Fixed bug in FileUploadNeeded method


  • Added documentName property in PrintWebContent method.If you still want to use default name then use an empty string.

What’s new

  • Ad Blocker

Super Update!

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Any new properties???

You can find them in first post :wink:


A big update, this is one of the best extension now. :heart_eyes: